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Cypress is an eight month coaching process training church planters to lead a more effective and missionary church, and connecting them for greater impact to their city.

Much has been said about ways to reach our cities, make disciples, and see the Church live as who she is in Christ. What are the principles and practices that could help planters and re-missioning pastors to connect the dots? One thing is true, no matter the model, if we are going to multiply missionary disciples, leaders, and churches, we likely need to start from somewhere other than where we’ve been.

We need to back up and lay down solid DNA so that Movement Thinking, Kingdom Perspective, and Harvest Focus drive our definition of disciples, leaders, and churches. This DNA needs to influence our systems and scorecards as well. It needs to shape the practices and methods of church planters as they build missionary teams, engage lost culture, and create a transformational, gospel-centered church culture.

200+ planters and re-missioning pastors have engaged the process in the Carolinas (USA). More have engaged in Canada, Honduras, Kenya, Haiti, Ethiopia, and Zimbabwe. Participants range from those who are in pre-launch or recent launch phases to re- missioning pastors in established churches. Their common thread is the passion to effectively build gospel focused, target driven, disciple making, missionary churches that impact their cities and beyond. Participants come from many denominations and networks. Cypress does not compete with any affiliations, but seeks to strengthen them. The Cypress process is designed to compliment current demnominational and local church planting systems and training. Cypress partners want to bring every gospel-focused church planter to the table for their city.

“Cypress changed my whole life. God’s calling now makes sense – where I am and what I am doing here. I think like a missionary and have the tools to live it out.”  Wayne Tomala Charlotte/Rock Hill Cypress

Local church partners drive the Cypress coaching centers in each region of the Carolinas. They are committed to multiplying and connecting missionary leaders. Cypress helps leaders implement systems and utilize tools that make their individual church body more effective. But the vision is to do training and coaching in a way that leads to more collaboration and impact of the collective church.
Cypress helps missionary leaders connect the dots. Local Church Driven. City focused. Accessible. Low Cost. Contextual. Collaborative.

Our aim is to equip missionary disciples, leaders, and churches that give every man. woman, and child repeated opportunities to hear, see, and respond to the gospel without them having to come or go anywhere.


  1. Our next Cypress Gathering begins September 17, 2016, 9:30 AM, @ The Gathering Place, 353 Laurens St., NW, Aiken, SC

  2. l am excited that l'm lined up for this course, as a student, l am anticipating a great move of the gospel during and after this course